list of staff

Years of experiance combained iwth hight quality services and innovation

All Staff (25) Senior Staff (14) Engineer & Technician (6) Admin. (5)
Hany Alfekky Hany Alfekky Constantine del Norte Ahmed Hamde
Ibrahim Fayed Ibrahim Fayed Mahmoud Kamel Ayman Salah
Arm Rashed Arm Rashed Amal Reda Mary Grace Abonal
Amna Bakki Heshmat Shokrany Justino Segismundo Mohamad Salah Ali
Mohammed Rasmy Amna Bakki Mohamed Azad Mohammed Rafeek
Abdul Salam Mohammed Rassmy Mohaned Jamsith
Assad Kasim Abdul Salam
Abdel Naser Othman Asaad Kasim
Randy Bierneza Abdel Naser Othman
Gebrel Mohamad Randy Bierneza
Ali Salem Gebrel Mohamad
Hesmat Shokrany Ali Salem
Ezzat El Razek Ezzat El Razek
Mohamed Ali Abdulla Mohamed Ali Abdulla
Constantine del Norte
Mahmoud Kamel
Amal Reda
Mohamed Jamsith
Justino Segismundo
Mohamed Azad
Ayman Salah
Ahmed Hamde
Mary Grace Abonal
Mohammed salah
Mohammed Rafeek
Personnel ( Technical) Years of Experience Total
1 up to 4+ 5 to 9+ 10 to 14+ 15+
General Manager       1 1
Architects 1   1 3 5
Structural Engineers     1 4 5
Electrical Engineers 1     3 4
Mechanical Engineer       3 3
Quality Surveyor 1       1
CAD Draughtsmen 1       1
Others 1 4     5
Total in firm         25